The SPA Advantage

Some SPA patients reported quicker recovery time, less pain, and less swelling[1]. Single Portal Arthroscopy (SPA) requires only a single, minimally invasive incision to get you back on your feet, and back in the game.

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that helps surgeons to diagnose and treat certain joint problems caused by injury or everyday wear and tear. Unlike early arthroscopies, which required up to three entry points for surgical instruments, today’s arthroscopic surgery uses minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to view, diagnose, and treat problems that affect the knee, shoulder, hip, or ankle.

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Why is Arthroscopy Necessary?

While injury is a common reason people seek arthroscopic surgery, disease and everyday wear and tear can also contribute to joint problems. Unfortunately, many knee injuries cannot be corrected without surgical intervention, and when left uncorrected can even contribute further damage to bones, cartilage, muscles, and tendons. Arthroscopy can help doctors determine what measures are necessary to restore the knee to its original range of motion as well as reduce discomfort associated...

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What is SPA?

Single Portal Arthroscopy (SPA) is an innovative approach to standard arthroscopic surgery and was developed to create a less intrusive method for repairing joint injuries, particularly in the knee. In late 2009 the ParallelPortal System was designed. By December 2012 the first procedure utilizing the ParallelPortal was performed using one incision site to access, view, and treat certain pathologies.

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Why is SPA better?

SPA is intuitive. Reducing two incisions to one means SPA patients may experience faster recovery, less pain, and better movement in less time than 2 portal arthroscopic procedures. And unlike standard arthroscopic surgery, SPA allows surgeons to access, view, and correct certain issues in the knee joint with one small incision. While the surgeon will have a similar experience performing SPA procedure as with a standard arthroscopy, patients of SPA reported a better recovery experience, with 42% of patients...

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