The SPA Advantage

Why is SPA better?

SPA is intuitive. Reducing two incisions to one means SPA patients may experience faster recovery, less pain, and better movement in less time than 2 portal arthroscopic procedures. And unlike standard arthroscopic surgery, SPA allows surgeons to access, view, and correct certain issues in the knee joint with one small incision. While the surgeon will have a similar experience performing SPA procedure as with a standard arthroscopy, patients of SPA reported a better recovery experience, with 42% of patients taking no pain pills at all after surgery.[1]

In one study, a single physician performed arthroscopic surgery on 156 patients. Standard arthroscopic surgery was used on 106 of the patients, while SPA was used on the remaining 50 patients. Between the two groups, those who had the SPA procedure reported having 21% less pain 3 days after surgery than those who had traditional arthroscopic surgery. Additionally, SPA patients of this study reported 26% less swelling at one month after surgery and less portal scarring and tenderness at three months post-op than their counterparts.[1]

Additionally, surgeons using SPA have an opportunity to change and improve their approach to surgical planning. With this new treatment option for knee pain, surgeons are able to determine which surgery provides the most benefits with the least disruptive recovery time and least invasive surgical procedures. The option to use one portal for trimming, smoothing, or removing materials may eliminate the need to create two incisions during minor to moderate surgeries.

  • 21%

    Less Post Operative Pain

    SPA patients experienced less pain when compared with patients who underwent Dual Portal Arthroscopy surgery.[1]

  • 26%

    Less Knee Swelling

    SPA patients experienced less swelling after one month.[1]

  • 42%

    did not take pain pills

    The percentage of SPA patients who required no pain pills after surgery.[1]

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