The SPA Advantage

What is SPA?

Single Portal Arthroscopy (SPA) is an innovative approach to standard arthroscopic surgery and was developed to create a less intrusive method for repairing joint injuries, particularly in the knee. In late 2009 the ParallelPortal System was designed. By December 2012 the first procedure utilizing the ParallelPortal was performed using one incision site to access, view, and treat certain pathologies.

During a SPA procedure, the ParallelPortal System is inserted into the opening in the joint. The surgeon is then able to maneuver multiple tools through the one portal rather than require multiple portals for multiple tools. To further improve the surgery and to minimize the size of the incision, Stryker developed a smaller 2.9mm arthroscope outfitted for a camera

Pain and restricted movement associated with joints are common reasons people elect for arthroscopic surgery. SPA can be used for many different knee-joint related issues, including injuries, arthritis, and everyday wear and tear. SPA can help patients return to normal activities quickly and with reduced pain.

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