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What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that helps surgeons to diagnose and treat certain joint problems caused by injury or everyday wear and tear. Unlike early arthroscopies, which required up to three entry points for surgical instruments, today’s arthroscopic surgery uses minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to view, diagnose, and treat problems that affect the knee, shoulder, hip, or ankle.

The arthroscope is a narrow instrument that consists of multiple lenses, a light for viewing, and a small camera. During a standard arthroscopy the surgeon typically makes two incisions for the surgical instruments to work through, allowing the surgeon to see under the kneecap as well as view surrounding cartilage and ligaments in and around the joint without causing additional damage to the site. At this point the surgeon is able to determine the amount of damage or injury to the joint and then repair or correct the problem, as needed.

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