Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare/Medicaid cover this procedure?

Yes. SPA should be covered in the same way that 2 or 3 portal knee arthroscopy is covered.

Is SPA a permanent fix?

Many patients have reduced pain[1], but there is no such thing as a permanent fix. Single portal procedures are performed the same way that two and three portal procedures are performed and may have similar long-term results.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery is unique to each patient. Data has shown that SPA patients have recovered faster and statistically have had significantly less pain at days 4 and 7 than 2 portal patients. Additionally, SPA patients required less pain medication, experienced less swelling at one month, experienced less portal scarring and tenderness at three months post-op, and reported better average daily living scores at one month than 2 portal patients. Many have returned to participating in sports just three months post-op.[1]

How much longer is the recovery with x2 or x3 portals?

While there is no study comparing the lengths of time between SPA and standard 2 portal recovery, at one month post surgery patients reported improved outcomes in swelling, function in daily life, and the ability to play sports compared to 2 portal patients.[1]

Does age matter for this procedure?

SPA is a potential procedure/solution for patients of all ages. Consult with your physician to determine if you're a viable candidate for SPA.

Can I walk after the surgery?

Many patients are able to walk out of surgery without assistance. Crutch are rarely necessary. Please defer to your physician’s recommendation.

How much does the surgery cost?

Surgery costs depend on your insurance coverage and provider. To learn if SPA is a covered procedure you will need to contact your provider directly.

Is SPA only for athletes?

No. SPA is for anyone with suitable knee problems. While SPA is likely to get athletes back on the field or court sooner, both athletes and non-athletes were studied with favorable outcomes.

What kind of SPA procedures are available?

At present, SPA is a targeted approach to treat limited pathologies in the knee such as medial or lateral meniscus tears. The ParallelPortal System is also being used in shoulder arthroscopy to reduce the number of incisions a surgeon is required to make. Almost all non-reconstructive procedures that are performed with 2P techniques may be performed with SPA, including partial or lateral meniscectomy, Chondromalacia of the patella, loose body removal, plica resection, synovectomy, etc.

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